Skala is a charming Greek village, located in southern Kefalonia. Its pristine scenery and numerous traditional restaurants attract hordes of tourists each year, with most choosing to visit between May and October, when the weather is at its most pleasant; temperatures during this period tend to hover around the mid 20s (Celsius). Many spend their time here relaxing on the beautiful Antisamos beach, where sun loungers can be rented for just a few Euros.

Those with an interest in architecture or history will adore Skala; in addition to its many notable watermills and historical buildings, the village is also home to the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, believed to date back to the 3nd century BC. Amongst these ruins - which are free to visit - one can find some strikingly beautiful mosaics. History buffs may also wish to visit the temple located just 3 kilometres away from the village - this structure, which features Doric columns and foundation stones, was built in the 7th century, in order to honour the Greek god Apollo.

On a more practical note, Skala has everything travellers might need to have a comfortable and enjoyable holiday, including a car rental service, gift shops, multiple supermarkets, two ATMs and of course, a wide variety of bars and tavernas. Taxis are readily available, and there is also a regular bus service, which travels between Argostoli and Poros several times each day.