Eating on Kefalonia

When it comes to restaurants and food, Kefalonia boosts an impressive range of taverns and cafés. When you visit the island during May you might wonder how all taverna owners can survive, but come again in August, and you can see why. But quantity isn’t everything and there certainly are some taverns on the island that should downright avoid eating at. You can usually spot these places as they tend to have a bouncer, pictures of the meals on a big sign outside the tavern and rather few guests.

That being said, there are some amazing food experiences that you can have while being on Kefalonia. Check out the different village pages to get recommendations for where to eat.

If you happen to have a kitchen in your hotel/apartment it is fun to cook some of your own food. The best place to pick up groceries and food is in the islands main capital Argostoli. There you will find both a fish market and a fruit- and vegetables market. There are also a couple of really good super markets with decent prices.

So what should you try when you’re staying on Kefalonia. Well if you’ve never been to Greece there is a whole lot of things for you to try. For starters there is Souvlaki which is a skewer made by pork, chicken or lamb. They are usually seasoned with thyme and lemon.

The Greek kitchen also have a number of slow and long cooked meals. Lamb Kleftiko is an excellent example of when the meat just melts in your mouth. If you are more of a fast food lover you should try Gyros.

Other dishes like Moussaka, Greek sallad and grilled fresh fish are also worth trying. Or why not order som meze like fried cheese, tzatziki and other small dishes.