If you like Kefalonia then you probably also like...

Even if Kefalonia is a truly magical place, there are other places in the world that can compete with this greek island. For instance, the island of Madeira with its breathtaking nature. Much like Kefalonias west coast. Bur Madeira lacks the beaches that Kefalonia has. Madeira have lots of great hiking if you’re in to that. Other differences are the fact that Madeira is bigger and boosts a "real" city in its capital Funchal.

Other places to visit that in Europe if you like Kefalonia is Alicante. Everything around Alicante is bigger and busier, but still beautiful.

The hugely popular island of Mallorca is another place worth checking out if you’re a fan of Kefalonia. Mallorca is a big island and not all parts are as cosy as Kefalonia, so be aware and choose wisely. Look at places such as Puerto Dé Soller or Puerto Pollensa. They are both villages that are small and very picturesque.