Kefalonia is a beautiful island in Greece

When I first visited Kefalonia I had no expectations. The trip began a bit uphill when there was a strike at the Kefalonia airport, so we had to fly to Preveza on the mainland and then go by bus to Lefkas and continue to Kefalonia by ferry from there. Once we were on Kefalonia, we had to go by another bus for about an hour before reaching Lassi which was our destination.

The realisation that Kefalonia and the Ionian islands are a piece of paradise started on that boat trip from Lefkas to Kefalonia. The nature, the ocean, the views and of course the dolphins made all the annoyance about not getting to fly directly to Kefalonia disappear.

But the real moment when I fell in love with the island, was when we were on that bus from Fiskardo down to Lassi. The road goes along the sea all the way, and the views are just breathtaking. I remember that I just sat there staring out the window amazed that none of my freinds had ever talked about or visisted this place. By the time we reached the breathtaking beach Myrtos, I knew that this was going to be a great vacation. And so it turned out to be. And I have come back many times after that.

The island of Kefalonia is blessed with incredible scenery and untouched beauty and rugged charm unmatched by the other Mediterranean islands. Kefelonia is also home to one of the highest mountains in Greece, Mount Enos. For nature lovers the Island also is host to rolling hills and lush forests and vegetation.

Kefalonia is a big island and there are certainly different characters of this island depending on were you are staying. But no matter were you are staying you should without doubt try to visit Myrtos mentioned above, lake Melissani and the villages Fiskardo and Assos.

So what is a good spot to stay on Kefalonia. Well it depends on what your preferences are. Read some more about Lassi, Skala, Sami, Lourdas and Fiskardo to learn more about them before you decide.

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Top photo by Dimitris Smixiotis (Flickr)